CNC Precision Milling Services, Bomei as a leader for over 20 years, has been providing CNC milling services for the production of small, medium, and large parts with exacting dimensions and tolerances.Offers precision CNC Milling services for multiple industries and wide reaching applications. Our 4-axis horizontal and vertical machining centers, combined with our creative and innovative fixture solutions, allow us to efficiently produce parts at rapid cycle times.


CNC Milling Definition

CNC milling refers to a series of machining processes that takes place on CNC milling machines.  At CNC milling process, the blank part is held on a fixture, the high-speed rotary tool cutter which can move in multi-axis directions to cut the blank to desired shape and size. The milling cutting tool is controlled by the computer-aided program.


CNC Milling Advantages


  1. Complex parts can be made with the versatile milling tools
  2. High productivity, a large scale of machining application.
  3. High precision on milling parts
  4. Multi machining processes on one fixture.
CNC milling China

Application of CNC Milling

Virtually every type of material that can be drilled or cut can be machined by a CNC mill, although most of the work performed is done in metal. As with drilling and cutting, the proper machine tools must be selected for each material in order to avert potential problems. The hardness of the work-piece material, as well as the rotation of the cutting tool, must all be factored before beginning the machining process.

Due to their versatility, CNC milling machines produce several items, including prototypes, ball joints, brackets, rollers, spindles, valve bodies, and more.