China CNC Machining Services

In order to provide one-stop and quick turn around CNC machining services to our customers, we equipped ourselves with various types of advanced CNC machines needed in CNC manufacturing industry. Our precision machining solutions including CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC grinding, multi-axis machining (3-, 4-, 5-axis), EDM machining, and some other sub-machining processes such as drilling, tapping, honing, knurling, boring, etc.

Precision Machining Solutions

15 years machining companies

CNC machined parts play a very important role in many industries, such as Aerospace, Energy, Auto, Military, Auto, Machinery industry, just to name a few. At Bomei, we provide quick turnaround and economical CNC machining services to meet your high standard needs for CNC parts. According to your requirements, we use CNC turning, CNC milling, multi-axis machining and other sub-machining process to fulfill the machining task. We can make those parts with tight tolerance, and choose from various kinds of materials and surface treatment. We have the ability to make CNC prototypes, low to a large volume of machined parts.

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Machining accuracy is one of the most important factors to determine the machining quality. But during CNC machining process, there are lot of factors affect the accuracy of the machining work. In order to improve the machining accuracy, we should first learn what factors affect the accuracy. As being in CNC machining industry for more than 15 years, we’ve summed up the main factors impact the machining accuracy.
CNC Machine
During machining process, the forming movement of the workpiece is accomplished by the machine tool, thus, the machining accuracy depends largely on the CNC machine, which affects the machining accuracy on aspects such as spindle rotation deviation, guideway deviation and transmission chain deviation.
Cutting Tool
The impact that the cutting tool have on the machining accuracy varies according to the type of tools. When the cutting tool is end mill type kind of cutter, it will directly affects the machining accuracy, but when it is a lathe bit, it almost has no direct impact on the machining accuracy.

CNC Machining China Advantages

· Flexible Machining Capability

CNC machining has very flexible production capability for making custom machined parts. CNC machine can be completely reprogrammed in a short span of time to produce a completely different product. This allows them to quickly shirt from making one part to another. Also, they can store past programs that can be pulled out and used at any time, which makes it flexible in making orders with infinite varieties and small quantities.

· High Machining Precision

The digital template and autonomous machining of CNC practically eliminate human error and achieve accuracy within 1/1000th. CNC machining tools are controlled by a precisely programmed computer system, it is processed according to the instructions given in the digital form, without manual intervention, which eliminates the error caused by the operator. Plus, in the designing and manufacturing CNC machine, many measures have been taken to make the mechanical part of CNC machine to achieve higher accuracy.


· High Machining Productivity

Unlike humans, CNC machines can operate 24/7 if desired. They only stop working when they require maintenance or repair. As long as you perform routine maintenance checks, these machines will run perfectly uninterrupted. CNC machines can also work much faster than human machinists. Since they are faster and do not need to take breaks, CNC machining has excellent high productivity.
Needless to say, the number one advantage to have your precision machined parts done in China is that China CNC machining services cost much less. The second one is No MOQ required for CNC machined parts in China. Even though you require for just one CNC prototype, China CNC machining manufacturers will take it as seriously as the big volume order.

Why Choose CNC Machining China?

• It has experience with stainless steel machining
• Sales quotation is delivered within 48 hours upon reception of samples
• Competitive modern precision CNC machining with conservative machining
• Quick response to a client within 24 hours
• The factory is devoted to being your long-term partner and supplier.

Select qualified CNC machining manufacturers in China
Choosing a qualified CNC machining manufacturer is different from choosing other general industry manufacturers. In CNC manufacturing industry, what a machining factory provides is the custom machining service, they make parts according to your drawing or sample, there is no product in stock for you to buy.
For CNC machining industry, the must-have measuring and testing equipment are CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), projector, calipers, microcaliper, pin gauge, caliper gauge, pass meter, pass meter etc. A qualified CNC machining manufacturer will do quality control from raw material inspection to final parts checking. They can provide you with the material report, sample measuring and testing report.
For a certain project to be CNC machined, the cutting tool selection is very important, choosing the right tool can improve the machining quality and machining efficiency, on the contrast, processing with a wrong tool might end up with damaged project and broken tool.
Precision CNC machining parts and rapid prototyping, metal parts, performance plastics, and low-mid volume rapid machining production runs. When it comes to China CNC machining or custom CNC machining in general, our approach is: provide highly flexible rapid low volume manufacturing solutions that deliver superior parts, fast.